Friday, April 3, 2009

Sofia's Tutu

I was rummaging around in Sofia's closet last night, trying to clean, organize, put away, and realized she hasn't worn her tutu in quite some time. Well, she wanted nothing to do with it. I finally got it on her, but honestly, I think she enjoyed getting her shots last week more than this. Marc and I tried to show her that the tutu wasn't scary, but of course, it's too small to go around our waists. We turned it into headgear.





What do you think? Is this the next great look for Clemson football fans?


Becky, Dave, and Gretchen said...

That is freaking hilarious!!

Jenny said...

That is too, too funny. (Or maybe "tutu" funny?)

Caroline said...

Marc looks so thrilled. I love it!

Hollie said...

Wow - it's amazing what parents will do to get their kids to do something!

ellie said...

Well, it's the right colors.... mostly (orange + the ambiguous second Clemson color).