Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you're interested...

I've started a running blog as well. Just trying to keep track of all my training (and trying to keep motivated to keep doing it).

You can follow me here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

18 Month Check Up

My baby is 18 Months old (guess that means she's not a baby anymore...). She's happy and healthy and right where she should be.

Her stats -
Height: 33.25 Inches (90%)
Weight: 27 lbs 14 oz (90%)
Head Circumference: 48 cm (80-85%)

She got one shot and a little blood drawn....and no tears! She only cried when they put a band-aide on her and she couldn't get it off.

Developmentally, she's right on target. She has a 7-10 word vocabulary....Momma, Dadda, cat, dog, poop, "nanna" (banana), all gone, sit down, more, shoes, no. She can climb the stairs (holding an adult hand, of course), climb onto the sofa and into her high chair. She pushes and pulls the recycle bin all over the house. She knows the milk and water are in the fridge, the bananas are on the counter, and the cheerios and goldfish are in the pantry. She runs to her room for a diaper change and knows when Mom needs to go potty we go in the bathroom (still don't trust her to run around by herself). She can point out her belly button, nose, eyes, and head. And I can tell her to go get her cup, her cheerios, her bunny, and she runs into the other room to find the item and brings it back to me.

Worn out after the doctor's visit.

And, because I'm super excited...they are expanding our Wal-Mart into a Super Wal-Mart. It's expected to be done next fall. You can bet that's where we will be doing our grocery shopping! (Please don't hate...I know some people have negative feelings about Wally World, but I love it!) Here's a shot of the steal frame work going up.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Pictures

I guess Sofia has a new love of glasses. She found these at Michelle's the other night.

I think we might have a new tooth coming in.

I was in an client's office this week, so I had some dress shoes lying around the house. Sofia found them this morning and decided it was time to start playing dress up. She got them on all by herself!






We went to meet Daddy for lunch today (don't have any pictures of that). Then we went to the marathon expo for the Suntrust National Marathon that is in town tomorrow. I got lots of Bondi Bands (to keep those pesky bangs out of my face!). They were nice enough to give Sofia a kid's size one for free (and she left it in and didn't fight it or try and pull it out....we'll see how long that lasts).

And with the lack of sleep and missed naptime, Sofia was worn out. She feel asleep on the way home from the expo. She was sleeping good, too. Check out that drool/spit bubble!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Few Pics

We decided to give chocolate pancakes a try last weekend instead of waffles. We can cook up 4 pancakes at a time vice 1 waffle, so we thought we'd save some time. But it just wasn't the same.

Then Sofia found my Harry Potter glasses from one of the book's release parties. She had fun with them. She'd beg Marc to put them on, then she'd take them right off and want them back on immediately.




And this morning, ah this morning. Sofia and I had just had a shower and we each got a bowl of oatmeal. This is what Sofia decided to do with hers.

Aw, come on Mom. I wanted another bath!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Consignment Sale Goodies

Decided to go back for the half price sale today. We got tons more goodies for $27!

I got this gorgeous dress, new with tags, for $10. (I know it's too big for Sofie, it's for a friend's daughter.)


And I got this dress for Sofie for the holidays this year, for $2.50!


And I got the rest of this stuff!

  • A fleece pull over

  • 2 tank tops

  • 2 shirts (one new with tags)

  • A skort

  • A Talbots outfit, shirt and matching shorts

  • And a fleece jammie type thingy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why did I ever stop watching ER?

With all the hoop-la of George Clooney and the original cast coming back, I had to watch it tonight. And now I'm kicking myself for not watching all these years! And of course I get hooked in the last few episodes of the last season.

I know why I stopped watching...silly me, thinking I actually needed sleep. When I first moved to DC, I worked 6am-3:30pm. That had me in bed every night by 9pm. Staying up to watch ER at 10pm was just not in the cards. Now I'm trying to figure out where I can find all the lost episodes so I can catch up!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love consignment sales!

Just got home from one of the spring kid's consignment sales in our area. I love consignment sales! I got all this loot for Sofia for $49. Yup, that's right, $49.
Sofia's Loot

  • 1 pair of sneakers

  • 3 sets of Baby Legs (and the real deal, too, not knockoffs)

  • 2 dresses

  • 3 pairs of PJ's

  • 2 t-shirts

  • 5 pairs of shorts

  • 1 skirt

This particular consignment sale restocks items every morning (so not all the stuff was out today when I went). Saturday is half price day and Sunday anything left goes for $1. I'm debating about going back tomorrow or Friday for the restocked items or if I should wait until half price day (when I can get some really good deals, if anything is left, and Marc can help me wrangle Sofia).

Oh, and our new curtains. I'm not sure I 100% love the actual curtain, but it was very inexpensive and will work until we find something we love. (Please disregard the mess in the living room.)
New Curtains

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Worn out

Asleep in the shopping cart, yet again! She fell asleep in the 5 minutes it took us to go from Wal-mart to the grocery store, so I thought I'd try to see if I could get her in the cart without waking her. Jackpot! She slept right until we got to the checkout lane. Good thing I didn't need too many items...

I just thought this was funny looking. The picture doesn't do it justice. This snowman is melting as the temps rise here...but he's melting into the snowman version of Jabba the Hut.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Snow...in March...I'm so ready for spring!
I took the ruler out this morning and it measured 5 inches and it's still coming down.

Jack loves the winter/cold weather!