Monday, June 25, 2007

For Beth

Beth has been requesting a new belly shot, so I had Marc take one tonight. I really like this dress I'm wearing, so I thought it was a good time to take a photo. (I feel like I'm more belly in this dress, don't look so chunky.) This is me at almost 28 weeks (27 weeks, 5 days). 12 more weeks to go.

Things are quiet, but good here. Hayleigh went home on Saturday. Saturday night we found a new dinner that I think will soon become a favorite. Any of you from the Greenville area will appreciate this. It's a lot like Stax's's Greek, has what looks like an amazing bakery, and it's open 24/7/365 (even Christmas and Thanksgiving). And their food is decent too.

Yesterday we did nothing! It was great! We were lazy and watched movies in the morning, took a quick trip to the grocery, and then watched more movies in the afternoon. Marc had a baseball game last night, but I didn't go. The game started at 8pm and was about 45 mins away. 8pm is awfully close to my bedtime on a work night.

Off to watch some Braves baseball and then early to bed.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer visit part 2

Well, Tuesday we waited for Mom to get here, then we went to lunch with Mom and then Mom took us shopping. Later that night we went to the Nationals/Detroit game and watched the Nats get the tar beat out of them.

Wednesday, we had lunch at Union Station and then went to the Postal Museum. It was a neat museum and it was nice for Marc, Mom, and I since we hadn't already seen that museum.

Thursday was low key again. We ate lunch out with Mom and then took her to the airport. After that we took Hayleigh to the pool. Thursday night was the summer solstice, so we went to a bonfire at one of the local parks. It would have been great if it didn't rain. But we didn't care, we ate s'mores in the rain with our friends Michelle and Lolly. And then Lolly stayed over and the girls had a sleep over.

Friday we had a few errands to run. We got Hayleigh and I new glasses and we got the girls iPods engraved. After that we meet Michelle and Lolly for dinner and let the girls play one last time. Saturday it was early to the airport and the visit was over. Back to life as normal (well, for the next 3 months at least). We are off to the grocery store this afternoon and then Marc has a baseball game.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hayleigh's Visit Part 1

We've had a busy last week or so. Hayleigh got here a week ago this past Saturday. Sunday we went to Marc's baseball game, the pool, and had dinner with friends.

Monday we went to the Marine Corps Museum and then went walking at the track.

Tuesday we had lunch at the Pentagon and went to one of my doctor's appointments (no Gestational diabetes, whoo hoo!).

Wednesday we were at the zoo.

Thursday we went to the Musuem of Natural History.

(This one I like because it reminds me of my cat when she's cleaning her belly, just imagine a much larger belly.)

Friday was the Air and Space Musuem at Dulles (not the one on the Mall) and we saw Nancy Drew.

Saturday we went to the track again and then the Alexandria Waterfront Festival (yea for carnival food!). (Left the camera at home...)

Yesterday we created our baby registry at Target, went grocery shopping, and bought the crib (which we set up too).
(Forgive the mess, we have an 8 year old sleeping in the room too.)

And today, Hayleigh and I painted our own pottery. There were a few trips to the pool spaced in there. Speaking of which, we will probably end up at the pool this afternoon as it's about 95 degrees here today. Then we will be spending this evening tidy-ing up for my mom to get here tomorrow.

Sorry, there aren't any belly shots this time. I was usually the photographer, so I there aren't any of me.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Insert title...(sorry, can't think of anything)

The girls are coming tonight. Marc left yesterday, so it's just been me and the animals since yesterday at 5am. We finally got the girls room finished and put back together. Well, mostly put back together. I still need to put the airvent back up but I can't find the screws, so I might leave that one for Marc. Everything is pretty much ready for the girls. I just need to vacumm and run a load of laundry. It's too bad I can't get Jack to vacumm and Coda to do the laundry. =)

Jack and I went for a walk this morning, not quite 2 miles. It was nice out. Definitely need to get up before 8am if you want to enjoy the breeze and the cooler air. (That's kinda hard during the work week.....I already start work at 6am, I'm not getting up any early.) I also walked 2 other times this week. Marc is going to run the Marine Corps Marathon again this year (it'll be his 5th time). And our friend Michelle has decided she is going to run it as well (her first). (I must admit, it didn't bother me much during the winter, but now that everyone is getting ready for races and the weather is getting nice, I'm missing running. Definitely going to sign up for a 10 miler or half marathon for next spring...give me a deadline to get back into shape.) Anyway, we've been meeting Michelle at the middle school track 2 days a week. Marc and Michelle run at their own paces and I walk at mine. So, all this to say that I walked at the track Monday and Wednesday as well.

Off to teach the cat and the dog how to help with household chores.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Race for the Cure

Today Miss Sofia finished her second 5k! Pretty impressive considering she's not even born yet. Marc and I walked the National Race for the Cure this morning. The pretty stinky thing, though, there were only official times for the first hour of the race..basically for all the runners. We came across the finish at 1 hour 15 minutes. I really wanted an official time, too. We probably could have had an official time, but they didn't start the walkers until 15 minutes after the runners. And then there were so many walkers out there too, just sauntering along at a turtle's pace. So, if we'd started at 8 with the runners and didn't have everyone in our way, we might have had an official time. =) And, on top of all that, I think I actually got more like 5 miles in today instead of just the 3.2 of the actual race. Thanks to this wonderful website,, I tracked all the walking we did this morning. We walked over a mile from the metro stop to the port-o-potties (I'm pregnant, what can I say, I've always got to go), and then wandering around all the vendors. And I'm sure we got even more distance when we walked back to the starting line. Then after the race, we walked 0.8 miles from the finish line through the water/food station to visit more vendors and back to the metro. So, 1 + 0.8 + 3.2 = 5. I'm gonna need a nap this afternoon or an early bed time.

We've also been painting the baby's room. It's not quite done. We have to tape the wood work and do the edges, but it's almost done. The color is called Palm Breeze, but it's really a very light shade of a sage green. It matches one of the colors in the baby's bedding and it also is very close to a color in the comforters we have on the day bed for the girls. I'm hoping that it ties everything together. Speaking of the girls, they'll be here next Saturday for 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to having 2 weeks off from work and being able to spend time with them (and sleep in!).

I'll leave you with pictures of me and Sofie in our Race for the Cure t-shirt...this is me at 24 weeks (6 months). These pictures are in the baby's room, so you can kinda see the new color on the wall behind me. (Oh, and disregard the bad hair....I'm trying to grow it out again. I really didn't feel like styling it when I got out of the shower and I'm tired of pony tails that don't hold it all. I tried the double french braid. Doesn't look too hot...)

It seems like Marc has gotten more paint on himself than the walls.

This kind of gives you an idea of the paint color...kinda...