Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally a picture

Here are two pictures from when Katie was in town last week. These were taken at 31 weeks (and we are now 32 weeks). Just remember, Katie said that I don't look nearly as pregnant and big in person as I do in the pictures. I'm not too fond of these pics, but it's all I've got for now. Marc and I will take some more soon (and hopefully they'll be more flattering). I don't have much as I'm off to get a hair cut here in a minute. Any suggestions for how to wash a stinky dog with a belly that gets in your way? Kinda hard to bend over the bathtub....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Rocker is Here

Our rocker was delivered yesterday. Marc put it together this evening, and now it's in the baby's room and all set up. All we need now is the baby. 9 more weeks. The cat automaticly assumed that the giant box was delivered for her. She has been laying on it all the time.....she will get off to eat though. Being on a diet and all, the second she hears the food bag open, she hops down. She'll be sad to know the box is going out to the curb tonight.

The new rocker.

The dog enjoying the baby's room.

The whole room (or as best as I can fit into one shot)....notice Dad sleeping on the bed, putting that rocker together must have been hard work!

One of our good friends who I met when I first moved to DC is in town this week for work. We are meeting her for dinner tomorrow night, so I'll be sure to get some belly shots while we are out with her. Only 9 weeks left to go....

Monday, July 9, 2007

New Closets

Over the weekend, Marc and I tore out the shelving in both the bedroom closets. Come to find out that parts of the closet were never painted and of course we left a few holes that needed to patched. So we spent the rest of the day Saturday patching and painting the closets. On Sunday, Marc and I started to install the new shelving, the pretty, clean ClosetMaid stuff. Well, Marc only got the top two shelves in Sofia's closet before it was time for his baseball game. Well, I wasn't going to wait around all day and maybe still have my closets not finished before the work week started. So, I finished up Sofia's closet and then did our closet.

Sofia's Closet

Our Closet

I'm a little achey today, I'm not sure how much of that is being pregnant, how much is the angles and what not of putting up the shelves, and how much is the combination of the two. Our rocker was shipped today and is expected to arrive on Friday, so that's next weekend's project, to put it together.

So, who's excited about the next Harry Potter movie?? It comes out Wednesday. Marc and I have to figure out when to fit that in this weekend or next. And then, the next book comes out on the 21st. We've preordered our copy, so we'll be waiting with all the other finatics Friday the 20th at Barnes and Noble.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

We went to the National's baseball game yesterday and after the game I was in line for the bathroom, like a good pregnant woman. And the lady behind me asked me how far along I was and I told her I had 11 weeks left. And, like all women should be to each other, she said "Wow, you're not that big." =) Made my day.Then we went to a friends house to cook out and watch the fireworks. All in all, we had a good day. It doesn't sound like we did a lot, but I was sure tired. We didn't get home until 10:30 or 11. Plus I didn't really sit in a confortable chair all day. I'm sure that doesn't help. I sure didn't want to get up and go to work this morning. I actually went in an hour later (and stayed an hour later) just to get a tad more sleep.

My father in law and brother in law left this morning. It's nice to have our house back to ourselves, as much as I love visitors and family. It'll be nice to do whatever we want or nothing at all this weekend. Although we do have plans to redo the bedroom closets with ClosetMaid wire shelving. We need to be able to get more stuff into each closet now that we have to share the one in the other room with the baby.

Marc and I decided to spoil ourselves today and I brought a Wii home from Target. =D They got a shipment in this morning and just happened to have a few left over when I was there to pick up some things. Off to test it out and then early to bed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunset Parade

Marc's dad and brother are visiting us for a couple of days since Jerry (brother) has so much leave for the 4th. Tonight we went to the Marine Corps Sunset Parade at Iwo Jima. We were walking around, looking for a spot to put our chairs and this really nice Master Sergeant comes up to us and escorts us into the VIP area. We were pretty thrilled. We got cushy, front row seats with a view. For those who don't know, the Marine Corps does two parades a week during the summer....Tuesday nights at Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial and Friday nights at Eighth and I Marine Barracks. Tonight we got to see the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and the Silent Drill Team. Now, I'm way more interested in the Silent Drill seeing as how I did 10 years of marching and playing on my own. I have one complaint though.....the Drum and Bugle Corps played Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever.....without any piccolos! I'm sorry, maybe I'm biased because I am a piccolo player, but you just can't have that song with out piccolos.... All in all, a good night.