Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend in SC

Sleeping on the way to Clemson.
Race for the Cure with Beth

Opening presents from Mimi and Papa

Cake, again!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday (2 days early)

We did a little mini birthday party here this afternoon. We wanted to do a little cupcake or something on her actual birthday, even though we were going to do a party next Saturday. We also didn't want to lug birthday presents from us, Marc's parents, and Great Grandma and Granddad all the way to SC just to lug them home. We had originally planned this for Tuesday, but sometimes Sofia is so tired from having fun at daycare she is in bed before Marc gets home. And I have my running class that night at 6:30. We didn't want to be rushed or miss our opportunity, so we decided to do it today. We went to the store to buy a cupcake or two, well, for just a little more we can get a tiny cake that looked so much better and more fun. Enjoy the pictures.


It's not a birthday, if you can't share with the whole family....including the dog.

And of course, we finish off with some milk.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Even more updates

We went to a consignment sale this morning and got Sofia some good stuff, all for only $20! She got a overall skirt/jumper, a pair of pants overalls, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 tops, a fleece one piece Carter's outfit (but I think we are going to use it as pj's instead), and a winter coat.

We also went to the ENT Friday morning. She's had 3 ear infections and 2 rounds of antibiotics since we saw him last. Plus, she just finished her last round of meds on Wednesday and still had fluid behind her ears. So, we schedule surgery to have tubes put in her ears. We are going October 9th.

And we have a birthday coming up! Our baby will be 1 on Tuesday (and I guess she is really a toddler now that she's walking). So, we turned the car seats so that they are facing forward this afternoon. I think Sofia's really gonna enjoy riding forward.

More Photo Updates

My friend Michelle and I had a Mommies night out last night. We went to the Nats game for Military Appreciation Night and we got these great hats for free. Marc babysat Sofia and Michelle's daughter, Lolly. They ordered pizza and played video games.

Sofia rooting on her Tigers today. And sporting her new kicks with a rubber sole. She's really walking all over the place these days, we figured it was time to protect her little tootsies.

Photo Updates

Sofia, styling the pig tails and the nice Red Sox outfit Donny, Krissy, and Bella sent her. Thanks guys! I'm still a Braves fan, but this is nice and soft, so I'll wear it and root for them as long as they aren't playing the Braves or the White Sox.

Getting ready to go to school. Think we should take the dog too?

At the Nats game with Daddy and George Washington.

Monday, September 15, 2008

For those who missed it...

Whatever your politics, they hit this one outta the park!

Friday, September 12, 2008


We had an eventful couple of days. Wednesday night, Sofia fell, hit her head, and chipped her tooth. Of course, I didn't realize what part of her head she it until I went to change her diaper, laid her back and saw the tooth. Thursday we found a pediatric dentist and got an appointment (this guy and the practice is great! You just never know randomly picking someone off the insurance website). It's all cosmetic. The nerve isn't exposed, the tooth is still immature, still getting lots of blood. He said when she's getting close to 3 he can bond it for us if we want the family photos to look better. He offered to file it a tad to take off the sharp edge, but he'd have to strap her down and said it would be very traumatic...but his recommendation was to just leave it. I finally got some pictures of the teeth....and some other random ones.

My little thug

Quietly reading to herself

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Saturday we lounged around and watched college football. Hannah was pounding us here (we got 8 inches of rain), so we lounged all day. But not before both Marc and I took turns going for a run in the rain (before it really picked up). I was a little upset that the Clemson game wasn't on TV. Sunday we went into the city and participated in the National Freedom Walk from Arlington Cemetery to the Pentagon (I forgot the camera). Sofia had been snotty all weekend and had the gunky eyes again. She was coughing at night and not really sleeping well, so we went to the sick clinic yesterday. This time she has a double ear infection and the bacteria has traveled to her eyes (it's all interconnected) and that's why they are gunky. And, apparently, the gunky eye is contagious since the bacteria is now outside the body. So, she can't go to daycare. We are sitting at home playing (she sure doesn't act like she has double ear infection or feels crappy). I hope she's not getting used to this and thinks this is how you are supposed to feel. We got to the ENT a week from Thursday. I hope they are ready to do something for her this time!

Rooting her Tigers on!
Looking crappy yesterday...probably feeling that way a little bit, too.

Looking even more crappy this morning.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby wearing bonaza!

Head on over to Simple Things and check out this cool event. Andrea is interviewing the creators of different baby carriers and even giving one of each away on her blog! Hurry, because the giveaways end soon (one is over tonight at midnight). She is featuring the Posh Papoose, Slinglings, Peekaru Original (fleece vest for keeping babies in carriers warm), Sleepy Wrap, and Kozy Carrier.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nibbling on sponge cake.....watching the sun bake...

Yesterday, I got 2 free tickets to last night's Jimmy Buffet concert. I should go buy a lotto ticket, I'm felling pretty lucky! I must say, if there is a local Freecycle group in your area, you should join. That's how I got these tickets! We've also gotten golf clubs for Marc, toddler snack bowls, Robeez shoes for Sofia. There is lots of good stuff out there.

Anyway, on to Buffet. This time I figured I wasn't going to be the only fool who followed the rules and didn't have a camera! I mean really, people are blatantly smoking the funky stuff and no one cares. So, I had my hubby shove it in his underwear and now we have lasting memories of a great concert! We were on the front part of the lawn, could see everything great, and even when I sat down I could still see the big screen about 80-90% of the time. We took the baby again. Isn't she just the lil' rocker, Dave and Jimmy before the age of 1! And I was 29 before I saw either. She was great, made friends with everyone around, and promtly fell asleep in my arms at 9, 9:30, and let us stay for the whole show. (Wasn't that nice of her?)

Here are some of our pirated pictures of the show.
Tailgating before the show.


We staked out our piece of real estate early.

Jimmy! (no it's not raining, I don't know why my camera makes it look like that)

Dancing with Daddy (although she looks like she wants to go home and go to bed)

I've got the magic touch. Asleep in my arms at a concert, again!
Sleeping through the show