Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 month check up

So, it's official. We have a big baby. And by big baby, I mean BIG, not fat.

Height: 24 in (95th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz (85th percentile)
Head: 40 cm (75th percentile)

According to her length, she is on par to be 5'8", but she'll probably be more like 5'6" because of her head size. The doc said that was more of a determining factor. We have a bit of gunky eye caused by a blocked tear duct, but it should go away before she turns one. And she has a bit of reflux, so she is to be elevated 24/7. So I need to get a sleep wedge for the crib. The doc said this is probably why she spits up so much and keeping her elevate will help that. She is also eating a bit more than he would like, but because she is spitting up so much, he said she's not really eating all that she intakes. And she is a big girl and needs a little more to eat than a baby in the 50th percentile. The doc said not to give her more than 32 oz (in a 24 hour period....right now we are at about 26-28). He said to really try and hold her to 32 oz and we can start giving her rice cereal at 4 months if that isn't satisfying her anymore.

Other than that we have a happy, healthy baby.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gobble Gobble...even if it's late

Happy late Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and ate too much food. We had a very good Thanksgiving in Illinois. Marc's mom made a fabulous turkey and a cheesecake, too!

We took Sofia on her first plane ride. She did fabulous on the way out. The flight was only about half full so they let us put her car-seat in the seat next us. She was awake for take off, but shortly fell asleep. Didn't cry or get upset once. The plane ride back was a little different. She didn't really cry, but she was fussy. I think she had just had a big weekend. But she did sleep from about 10:30/11 until 6/6:30 every night!

Hayleigh and Alicyn got to meet their baby sister and were so excited (as were Grandma and Grandpa)! We had family photos taken of the 5 of us and I will share when we get them. Marc's cousin, Angie, came by with her twins, Juileze and Jonathan. They are 9 months old. We also visited with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve.

Miss Sofia got introduced to lots of her family....and of course Mommy forgot the camera, so we don't have a single picture (except the family photos we had done professionally).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm a cutie

I'm such a cutie in the new hat Mommy bought me. Now I can keep warm on our walks while Mommy tries to lose weight.

I also think I'm quite cute in my new coat that my Great Aunt Barbie got me. Look, it even matches the toy that Mimi bought before I was even born.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's been awhile. What's been going on here? We had our first road trip with the baby. We went to SC for a baby shower, which was great. We got to see lots of people and introduce Sofia to everyone. The car trip down was a little long for the baby. She wanted to scream the last 2 hours of the trip (and of course we get stuck in traffic). I got in the back seat with her and held a pacifier in her mouth and that seemed to help settle her down. The car trip back didn't seem as bad for her. It did take us an extra hour both ways with all the stopping for her to eat and change diapers.

I also gave my 2 weeks notice at work, cleaned out my desk, and had my exit interviews. I am no longer an employee of the government. When we were home for the shower, Dad ordered my computer, so things are moving on that front.

The past couple of nights we have gotten the lil one to bed before 11pm! I'm excited, we are starting to get into a routine. The only problem is she doesn't take a really good afternoon nap unless we are out shopping, which is going to make working a bit of a problem. Maybe, I'll just let her nap in her car seat. =)

Yesterday, we went and returned a few things we either have too much of or something else very similar. Just a note, avoid the mall until New Year's. It was horrible!! I think I'll do all my shopping during the week when most people are at work. Although, today we are going to Dick's to get me a new pair of sneakers so I can start walking. All my shoes are too short. I could understand them being to narrow. But how do your feet actually grow in length while your pregnant? Aren't the bones pretty much done growing a long time ago?