Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Busy, busy weekend! And it's not over yet!

But first a picture from when we were waiting to go see the pediatrician last week. We went and got smoothies because I thought it would help Sofie feel better...she loves smoothies. She didn't really want to drink them, but she thought she should hold all the cups.

Our good friends Donny and Krissy, and their daughter Bella, were in town this weekend. Donny and Marc were in the Marine Corps together. But they had the nerve to move back home to New Hampshire about 2 years ago. Saturday we meet for drinks with them and a bunch of guys who were in the Marine Corps with Marc and Donny.

Bella and Sofie playing outside the restaurant. (Bella is only about 5 weeks older than Sofia....look at all the hair she has!)

Then we decided last minute to go to the National's baseball game. This was Donny's first time at the new ball park (you can see him in the background taking pictures). Krissy was showing Bella the field.

Marc showing Sofia the field.

Sofie and I during the game. It was free hat night.

Bella and half of Donny.

While we were waiting for the Metro, Sofia and Bella started giving each other hugs.

Then we went to the Zoo today. Kyle and Krissy A. came with us, with their son Joe. (Joe is about a month older than Bella.) Our 3 kids are the ones on shoulders in this picture. Kyle in the foreground with Joe in the red shirt. Donny and Bella (in purple hat) in the middle. And Marc and Sofie just past Donny.

We tried to get all the kids to pose by this statue.

Sofia thought about petting it. But this is about as close as Bella got to it.

Yeah, didn't go so well.

Sofia crapped out. She had a long day.

Saturday, before we met for drinks, we went to IKEA. They were having a major sale on some bookshelves (which we needed). And Sofia got a table and 2 chairs....Sofie sized.

And she got a little tent to play in. She made Mommy join her and pretend to go night night.

She loves her new tent.

Pictures of the bookcases to come once we get them put together and have stuff in them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The little stinker, and by stinker I mean Sofia, has shared yet another sickness with me. She came home yesterday with a fever of 102. She and I stayed home today, and I thought she was getting better. Then I gave her a bath and she freaked and was not herself (she loves bath time). So I called the doctor and they were able to squeeze us in after hours. Turns out Sofia has coxsackievirus. The doctor said that, aside from one other boy, this is the worst case he's seen! It all boils down to a really bad sore throat/mouth. I asked if I should go see my doctor since I too have a sore throat, so he looked in my mouth and said I too have it, only a mild case, and no need to go see my doctor since it's a virus and we just have to let it run it's course. Oh yeah, and that course is going to be about 4-5 days until we are no longer contagious and we might have a sore throat for up to 10 days! Great way to start my second week at a new not showing up. So far, everyone has been understanding. I think it's really that they don't want to get what we have!

Sofia and I will be going to the store in the morning to get "smooth" (doc's words not mine) things to eat that will feel good going down...maybe a a redbox movie and we'll be hanging out at the house the rest of the week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What Do Tigers Say?

We are going to make a Clemson Tiger out of her yet!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Marc, Sofia, and I went over to Fairfax Corner because REI was having a huge sale. I ended up getting my birthday present! The Garmin 405 with the heartrate monitor was on sale for $90 off of retail. Then to top it off, they were offering a $50 mail-in rebate. That ends up being a total of $140 off retail. I couldn't let that little gem just sit there for that price. We are going to a family test run in the morning...followed by some chocolate chip waffles.

While we were walking around, we came to the "common" area with tables and such....and a water feature. Sofia had a blast!

Friday, May 8, 2009


This was bound to happen sooner or later. Suppose we are need of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (And don't we have ugly wallpaper in the kitchen? It came with wasn't our choice.)

Sofia and I discovered that we have a Crocs Outlet Store! I got 4 pairs of Crocs (1 for Sofia, 1 for Elaina, and 2 for me) plus 11 jibzits (the colorful things that go in the holes) for $43!

Sofia's Mary Jane's with strawberry jibzits.


My Mary Jane's

My Clemson orange ones (and I even found some paw jibzits and a tiger jibzit...and a random baseball).

And Elaina's pair with Mickey Mouse holes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Full Weekend

We had a pretty full weekend. Saturday Marc rotated the tires on his car and reattached something on my car (I ran over a piece of 18-wheeler re-tred doing 75 miles an hour on my way back from SC a couple of weeks ago), we went to the Pet Fiesta at the Town Center, and we went to a Potomac Nationals game. The Pet Fiesta was a bit of a let down, although we did see a bunch of dog breeds we don't normally.

The baseball game was pretty exciting. The Nats beat the Keys, and there was a free fireworks show after the game.
The mascot, Grand Slam.
The fireworks.

Today Marc was scheduled to have a baseball game of his own, but it got rained out. So he rotated the tires on my car while Sofia and I went to Wally World looking for a pattern and material to make her a cheerleading uniform to wear to Marc's baseball games. Then I remember when I was in elementary school my mom made me a t-shirt dress out of some colored mens t-shirts. I started looking through the kids t-shirts and they happened to have the right color orange! Marc's team is the Loudoun Beavers and their colors are orange and black. I thought black would be too hot in July and they didn't have grey, so I got white and orange. Then I found matching orange grogan ribbon to make the "B" for Beavers.

Sofia was being a ham and started acting silly every time the orange light on the flash came on.

I finally had to have Marc hold her in place to get a picture of her outfit.

She even wanted me to take a picture of her lamb instead of her.

This is from a few days ago....I forgot all about it until I was downloading this weekend's photos. Girl loves shoes!