Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sofia Walks

My baby can walk!

A few pictures

Sofia trying on a birthday hat. She wants to wait and see what else she can find.
Coda loves the carseat. It must be for her.
Sofia mastered a straw yesterday. We finally found a sippy cup she can with a straw!
Sofia tried on a Nats jersey, it fit, but she's holding out for a Braves jersey.
Sofia and Daddy and the Braves-Nats game.
Sofia and Mommy at the Braves-Nats game. Notice how close we are to the centerfield wall....we were in our seats!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Tutu Came!

I finally won a giveaway on a blog. I'd like to thank Dallas at Miss Priss Tutus and Robyn at I Love Giveaways. We got a custom made Clemson inspired tutu! Every lil girl should have one of these! It's a little big, but it will grow with our princess and hopefully she'll be able to wear it for years!

(notice she is standing on her own in the middle of the living room)

Just tonight she was standing at one ottoman and she turned around, noticed something wanted at the other ottoman, and walked the 3 or 4 steps in between to get what she wanted. Also, she is running a temp again. We'll see how she does through the night. The doctor doesn't do sick clinic on Thursdays, but they might be able to squeeze us in.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 10th birthday Alicyn and Hayleigh!

We just got home from Illinois. We visited with Marc's parents and got to spend the girls' 10th birthday with them. In fact, their birthday party was at Angie's restaurant (Marc's mom). We had a fun, jam packed, busy weekend. And it was too short as always.

Friday morning we took Sofia to the park and put her in a swing for the first time. (This picture is from Saturday morning but we can pretend it's the first time.)

Then Marc's cousin (also named Angie) came to visit and she brought her twins, Jonathan and Julieze. They are 5 months older than Sofia. I didn't get any pictures of them. :( Hopefully, she will email us some of the ones she took and I can borrow hers.

Saturday we went to watch Alicyn's season opener soccer game. (She's the shortest one with really dark hair. #3)

Sofia and Hayleigh "watching" the game.

Then the birthday party was later that day.

The girls made out like bandits!

And we came home early this morning. I told you, jam packed and quick. Sofia had a snotty nose and a wicked cough all weekend. Last night she woke up and kept us up for a good hour in the middle of the night. She was running a temp and just couldn't stop coughing. She seems to be feeling tons better today and the snotty nose doesn't seem to be dripping nearly as much. If the cough doesn't get better tonight (it's really only noticeable in the middle of the night, I guess when all that snot drains down her throat) or if she runs a temp again, we'll probably be at the sick clinic tomorrow morning...again! (I hate to see what winter/cold/flu season is going to bring us!)

Here are a few others from the weekend.

Sofia playing in the restaurant.

Sofia made quick friends with the girls mother, Jamie.

All 3 sisters.

Daddy and his girls.

Mommy and her girl (I think this was the morning before we left.)

Here's a link to all the rest of the photos (if you want to see 50 pictures of the girls opening presents).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Zoo

It was so beautiful out this morning, we couldn't waste the day inside. So we packed the diaper bag, packed a lunch, and headed out for the National Zoo. Sofia was so cute, she would grab onto your neck real tight and hug you if you got too close to the animals. I guess at 11 months the concept of glass between you and the animal is hard to grasp.

Got Milk? Sofia had yogurt while we had sandwiches.
Doesn't this look like a giant guinea pig? I can't even remember what it was called.We're gonna make her a tiger yet!
Ut oh, Diet Coke addiction starting early?
A real, live Bald Eagle, up close and personal. I don't think I've ever seen one this close. He's got feathers on his legs...looked like he was wearing pants.
And in honor of the Olympics, a shot of Sofia and one of the Olympic Mascots from an Asian festival last weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gym Rat?

I just wanted to share with everyone, I had my fastest mile yet last night on the treadmill. All this from someone who didn't even want to go to the gym! Maybe my old Gym Rat self is finally making a comeback!

(Except the graph looks different in my Nike account....go figure)

And we have our own little Schroder, except it's a computer not a piano.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beach Slideshow


We got home from the beach last night, and we wish we were still there. :( We had so much fun with Chris and Caroline and Beth, Jeff, and Elaina. It really sucks that we all live so far from each other and can't do stuff like this more often.

Warning, lots of pictures ahead.

Friday night we drove to Durham to stay with Chris and Caroline to break up the trip a little. That night Chris, Marc, Sofia, and I went to the Durham Bulls game.

This might have been the highlight of Marc's trip. He's been wanting to go ever since he saw the movie Bull Durham.Ahhh, the BEACH!

Sofia and Elaina getting to know each other. Sofia would soon figure out that Elaina is going to be a good friend. Every time Elaina got a snack, she always shared with Sofia. We discovered Honey Maid Bumble Bees, Goldfish, and chicken nuggets.
Sofia's first time on the beach.

The girls in their matching PJ's.
Random pictures of everyone lounging around.
Elaina, Jeff, Sofia, and Chris
Sofia really likes glasses
Beth and Chris
Caroline decompressing after the Bar.
Even Jack had a good time at the beach.
And, on a side note. We went back to the doctor this morning....Sofia has an ear infection....again. Poor Elaina got sick while we were at the beach and we are hoping that Sofia doesn't get it. But you know kids, they share toys, food, germs. Sofia is also standing on her own for longer and longer periods of time (still no walking) and she has 3 new teeth on top.