Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Picture Recap of Christmas

Just a warning, there are lots of pictures ahead...

Silverware is for sissys!

This will have to do for a picture with Santa....we weren't waiting in the long lines at the mall!

Everyone loves Miss Beth!Marc and I playing around while we did a little last minute Christmas shopping sans the lil one.Christmas morning....she went straight for the crayons!And she loved her new animal print pj's.Papa, protect me from that crazy dog! Friday night Beth & Jeff and Marc & I went out without the kids. Whoo hoo! Jeff looks excited, doesn't he?Sofia and MimiLove my new Pooh chair (even if it is too full and I fall out of it)
But this basket is way better for sitting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas Marc and Lauren

Guess what we woke up to yesterday morning....a warm fridge. It crapped out on us in the middle of the night. It was so pleasant when I went to pour Sofia's milk into her cup and sludge ker-plunked into her cup. Oh, she was not a happy camper when she had to drink water for breakfast. Marc and I took yesterday to go and find a new fridge. I can't say enough nice things about the people who helped us at Sears (or enough bad things about the people who didn't help us at Best Buy).

Old Fridge

New Fridge
(Isn't it nice and shiney? We wanted black but they couldn't deliver us a black one for at least a week....too long, in my opinion, to go without a fridge when you have a 15 month old.)

Just barely fits!
(And I even measured...it should have more wiggle room, but it doesn't)

Sofia Pictures

Trying on my party dress for Daddy's Christmas party...but ya know Mom, I'd rather wear these overalls. (Like my bed head?)
hmmm, new shoes to wear with my party dress....
Let me give them a spin around the living room.
Mommy wishes my hair would stay like this all the time.
Feeding myself yummy applesauce. That's about the only way I'll eat these days, if you let me do it
This is great!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

And our day still wasn't complete

After we decorated the tree, Sofia had yummy ravioli for dinner.

And it started snowing! We got Sofia dressed again (since ravioli can be really messy she was naked) and took her outside to play in it.

It wasn't sticking to the pavement, but it stuck to cars and grass.

Sofia was so exhausted from her day she went to bed without a fuss promptly at 6pm.

Decorating process

The tree has just made it in the house. Sofia must inspect (since she was asleep through the whole selection process).

Madam fore-woman. Sofia is supervising.

The finished product. Not a great picture, but gives you a little perspective of the size. It's shorter than I am. Sofia was so cute when we were putting on the ornaments. We would give her one to put on the tree and she didn't want to part with it. So we gave her one just to play with, but then she wanted every ornament that Marc or I had and would cry and throw a fit because it went straight on the tree. She did not like the decorating process and couldn't understand why we were putting all these great toys on a tree we had brought inside!

All the stockings on the bookcase (because we don't have a fireplace), l to r, Sofia, Hayleigh, Marcos, Alicyn, Lauren.

And no tree is complete without a tiger.

In search of a tree

We set out this afternoon looking for a Christmas tree. We really had something specific in mind, we were looking for something along the lines of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I don't know if it's the recently announced ression that we are in or the fact that we aren't going to be here for Christmas or what, but we wanted a smaller tree this year. And we found the perfect tree! (3 tree lots later, but we still found it.) And it was only $16! For a tree! I was shocked because we went to one place, and they found us a smaller tree, said they could cut the top off it to make it shorter, but were still going to charge us $55!

At the first place. I cannot believe that Sofia is actually wearing her hat and gloves. She has not worn a hat since she had her ear surgery. But, it did not get warmer than about 25 today. As Marc said, she's stubborn, not stupid.

Mommy and Sofia posing by some (really expensive, super huge) trees.

At the second tree lot, the one where they offered to cut up a $55 tree but still sell it to us at full price.

All this tree shopping is hard work! Sofia fell asleep on the way to the third place. And we managed to get her out of the car and bundle her up without waking her. We wandered around, found and bought our tree, and even got her back in the car without waking her. Too bad she woke up when we started the engine.

Friday, December 5, 2008

No Water?!

You know what no water means? No shower and no coffee! So, Sofia and I head out to Panera to get a cup of coffee. Here's a couple self-portraits at Panera.

Then we go to the grocery to get some lunch meat. Sofia was so worn out from her outing at Panera, she passed out on the way to the store. I was able to get her into the store without waking her, so I let her sleep in the buggy while I shopped.

Monday, December 1, 2008