Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The call

I got the call yesterday morning. Lilian, Dr. Kilmer's nurse, called and told me that the blood test came back positive!! POSITIVE! Can you beleive it? We are going to have a baby. We are currently 6 weeks pregnant. And I thought I was going to get lucky and not have morning sickness. Of course, this morning, I get a little queasy. Nothing big, let's hope it stays like this. Might just need to stay away from eggs/egg beaters for awhile.

Today I'm craving a salad from Ruby Tuesday's...the one with bacon and candied peacons and chicken tenders. I think I might make Marc take me tonight. Hey, at least this one is a healthy craving. I think I'm gonna go with it.

Okay, here's a picture of the new 'do. It's not a good picture, but it'll do until I get a better one.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Day Off

Today is my RDO (Regular Day Off)...it's a government thing! There are definitely some perks to working for the government. This is one particular such perk. In order to get an RDO every pay period (yes I said every pay period), I do work 9 hour days regularly. So I work 9 hours M-Th (both weeks), 8 hours the first Friday, and I get the second Friday off. Isn't it great! So, today I've got to run over to the doctor's office really quick and then I'm getting my hair cut. I think I'm going to get it pretty short.....like Ann Curry's is now. I'll be sure to post a picture after it's cut. I'm not sure if I've got any good before pics (and Marc is already at work, so I can't get him to take one....). I'll have to scroung around and see if I can't dig something up...Here's a picture of what I'm thinking for my hair....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So, I ate fish last night. I know! I can't believe it either! Yesterday, Marc and I bought the new Biggest Loser Cookbook and there was a recipe for breaded talapia. I thought, what the heck, my tastes might have changed. I've been wanting to try it but I didn't know how to cook it and I didn't want to order it out at a restaurant and not like it. Then what do you do?? Have more bread? So, it wasn't too bad. It tasted like chicken mostly, but I put ketchup on just in case. I know, I know, I'm a grown up now. I don't have to put ketchup on everything...but it helped! =) Maybe I'll try another type or recipe next week.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Post

Well, I suppose every blog has to start somewhere....so here goes. This is my first post. It's our anniversary weekend. We went to Old Town Alexandria yesterday and today we went to 3 wineries. We didn't make it to our fave, Linden, but that's ok. We still had a good time. Tomorrow is MLK Jr day (and the actual anniversary) so neither of us have to work. But nothing big planned...just a little time at the gym and then off to get some groceries. I guess we peaked a little early on this anniversary fun. Tomorrow it's back to the same ol, same ol. We are both trying to get back into the swing of things with diet and exercise...you'd think once you've lost sixty pounds and ran a marathon it would be easy to take off 5-10 pounds. Well let me tell you, I think it gets harder every time!! Since we are celebrating 2 years of marriage (and 3 years total together), I'll leave you with a wedding pic.