Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sofia loves her new BOB jogging stroller. Mommy hates the hills in our neighborhood.

This is how Sofia helped Jen and Steve move. Not very helpful, but cute.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Pictures

The dress Tia Norma got me in Hawaii. I hope she takes me next time she goes.
Sofia and Jack are becoming best friends.
Such a great smile!
We sleep hard!

Trying my first zwieback biscuit.
My new bath time ducky.
I wake up happy! Mommy takes a minute.
My swimsuit for the summer. Come on warm weather!

Doctor Visit

We are happy, healthy, and we like to eat. :) This was Sofia's 6 month check-up, but it was actually on her 7 month birthday.

Length: 27.5 inches (90th Percentile)
Weight: 20 lb 1 oz (95+ Percentile)
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm (75th percentile)

Everything is great. The doctor said that Sofia will probably always like to eat and just to make sure we have healthy, nutritious stuff available for her. And since Sofia is sitting up like a champ, she said to go ahead and start giving Sofia stuff off our plate as long as it is soft and doesn't have added salt.....bananas, small, cooked carrot pieces, ziewback toast, etc.

And daycare went great! Every time I picked her up or dropped her off, a different teacher would tell me how great a baby Sofia is....of course, we already knew this. The first day she was a little hesitant and just sat back and took it all in, binky going a mile a minute. The second and third day, she was playing before I even left and would give me a smile as I walked out the door. I don't know that I could have left her if she was crying. It seems that most of the other kids are part-time as well, in fact, I get the impression that they come in about 10 am and leave early afternoon. When I drop her off and pick her up, she's one of three on her side of the room, but there are plenty of cribs for other babies. They must come after I drop her off and leave before I get there. Even when I went and got her at 11:30 for her doctor appointment, it wasn't too crowded. And the one teacher had to take her from my arms and give her a hug before we left.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We are actually getting 2 teeth, not just one. I still haven't been able to get a great picture, so this one will have to do. You can kinda see a fuzzy white spot on the gums.

This is the look she gave me before I got the tooth picture. "Mommy, what are you trying to do to me?"

Sofia is mastering the sippy cup

We are almost crawling too. She can get up in a push-up position and she can get up on her hands and knees, but doesn't stay in either too long. And she ends up pushing herself backwards instead of forwards, and it frustrates the hell out of her. What was almost in her grasp is now even farther away.

We joined a new gym this week and Sofia went to the gym daycare for the first time yesterday. (First time anyone other than family has watched her.) She did great and had all the ladies wrapped around her finger! One girl practically jumped over the front desk when we were on our way out just to say good-bye to Sofia. She also starts "real" daycare on Monday. She'll be going 3 days a week. It'll give me time to work a solid block of time or be available to visit clients and it'll give Sofia a chance to socialize and learn to share. I'm sure it will be harder on me than her, but I'm ready. She'll be 7 months old next week and I think this is a perfect time to start (she still doesn't mind strangers). If I had had to do this 3 or 4 months ago, I don't know how I would have reacted. We also go to the doc next week for her 6 month check up. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how daycare and the doctor goes.

Speaking of new gym, I've been to the gym 3 times in the past 5 days and the food thing is so much easier these days. Yesterday, I ran for 8 minutes straight! I have registered for the Army 10 Miler in September and....I'm going to register for the Marine Corps Marathon in October! If that doesn't get my butt in gear, I don't know what will. I'm just hoping to finish, obviously, and I'd like to get my time closer to the 5 hour mark. My previous marathon was 5:48:00. We are going to get a jogging stroller this weekend.
ETA - I finally broke out the good camera to get a tooth picture.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that the new stadium has a Build A Bear. Of course Sofia had to build something. We built Screech, the Nats mascot.
And this is the beautiful hair-do we woke up with this morning.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nats vs. Braves

Sofia went to her first professional baseball game today. And it was everybody's first time in the Nats new ballpark...which is pretty nice I might add. It was a little chilly, but it seemed to affect Marc and I more than Sofia. We planned accordingly for her, but not us. We had a curly "W" soft pretzel and ice cream in a baseball helmet (reminds me of going to the G-Braves AA games as a kid). Sofia and I were a little bummed that the Braves lost, but they had such a kick bootie game yesterday, we'll let this one slide.

The new stadium
Mommy and Sofia in our Braves attire
Daddy and Sofia watching the game

Sofia's first soft pretzel

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Baby

I'm so glad we have a happy baby! Don't you just love this smile?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Footie PJ's

Any suggestions on where to find footie pajamas for bigger kids? I must admit that my child goes through them so fast, I don't like to pay more than $7 or so a pair and I haven't looked outside of Target/Wal-Mart/TJ Maxx. The largest ones I can find are 9 month and she's almost too tall for them. Am I going to have to suck it up and go somewhere expensive?

Ah, and we have a tooth....almost. It is pushing against the gums and today it felt like it broke through/is about to break through. I've been trying to get a picture but that's like trying to get a cat to take medicine. Once I've got a decent one, I'll be sure to upload.

Friday, April 4, 2008

6 word philosophy

Beth tagged me to give my six word philosophy on here goes!

Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad.

Okay, so I used 7 words, but I think "in" and "a" can sorda be one word. What's the use of getting more upset about something that already happened. Just let it go and move on, you'll enjoy what comes next more instead of being so worried about what just happened and missing what comes next. (I'm not always good at this, but I try!)

Anyone else that I would tag has already been tagged. So, I'm no fun.