Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What happes when...

What happens when you go from working out of the house part time for the last 18 months (and usually home the days you aren't working) to working full time outside the home??

You're dog has an anxiety attack, abandonment issues (we think he was ditched previously so this is understandable), and rips up the carpet trying to get into a closed bedroom door.


At least it lays back down.
(Not to mention the things I didn't get pictures of.....a chewed up diaper and some snacks he stole out of the diaper bag....all over the living room. He also tried to chew his way into a bottle of children's Tylenol.)

And then your daughter crawls in your lap while you are trying to take pictures and is all cuddly, so your anger eases much quicker than expected.
(Notice dog sulking in the background after being scolded.)


Then she goes and gets her new hat and puts it on without any coaching (from the girl who hates hats).


ellie said...

Wow, that's a lot of damage! Geez o man. Not having to worry about repairs, i am free to feel bad for the dog... imagine how desperate he must have felt! Awww....

Glad Sofia cheered you up. What a sweetheart.

Allison said...

Poor Jack!

Can you get it fixed without replacing the whole thing?