Monday, June 16, 2008

My poor girl

You guessed it, back at the doctor. We went back last Friday because she was still running a temp, so they squeezed us in that afternoon. As the doctor said, same bad ears, same temperature, now with diarrhea. So she switched us off that antibiotic and onto another. She said if she didn't improve over the weekend to bring her back in Monday. She ran a temp all weekend, cried and whimpered a lot, and just wasn't herself (which made for a fun Father's Day). And last night she didn't sleep very well. Marc was up with her from midnight until about 4 and then I had the next shift. We went back to the doctor this morning. She still has the ear infections. They gave her a shot of stronger antibiotics. She can have this shot up to 3 times. We go back on Wednesday to see how things have changes and possibly get another shot. The doctor said that if this doesn't work, they will refer us to an ENT specialist.

Doesn't she just look like she feels like crap? Cuddling with Dad on Father's Day

A smile from earlier in the week.


Rhett said...

hey, that's the chico polly high chair! we almost got that one b/c of it's name :) i hope she feels better after the shot... ear infections are terrible. keep us updated, and we'll keep thinking of you all. may you and marc get some rest, and sofia a break from the hurting ears.

Andee said...

Poor baby. :-(