Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day for us. It started out bright and early at the YMCA for the Women's Distance Festival. This was the first time I ran this race and it was great! I'm going to try and do it every year. First off, if you registered in time, you got a beach towel, an insulated lunch box, a pair of technical fabric socks and every finisher gets a hat. Of course, I forgot to register on time, but I still got a t-shirt, the socks, and the finisher hat. And they had great door prizes, too! I didn't win, but they called every number around mine. One lady won a Vera Bradley bag, 2 people got free nights at a hotel, there were bunches of $25 and $50 gift certificates to local restaurants, even a free cone at Ben & Jerry's. All in all, a well put together race.
Sofia and I pre-race.
One of my old coworkers, Roz, and I just after the race started. She's in pink on the left and I'm green in the middle.Right after I crossed the finish line.
In my finishers hat.Sofia was wore out after all that girl power!
After the race, we went home to get cleaned up and rested for the Dave Matthews Band concert. Of course, like the big nerd that I am, I look at the website before we go and it says it is illegal to consume alcohol in the parking lots, no cameras, and no chairs more than 9 inches of the ground. So, we ate on the way over and we left our camera at home. We get there and people are tailgating bigger than some people do for Clemson games, beer and wine in hand in front of the cops. And we get inside and there are cameras galore! Luckily, there were only a handful of chairs that were high of the ground, most were beach chairs or blankets. It was great, but since I'm a big nerd, we don't have one picture of it. And Miss Sofia was a trooper! She played on the blanket, sat in the chairs, made friends with everyone around, danced, and even did a Gene Simmons impression! She was great. She even slept in my arms the last hour of the concert and didn't request that we leave early. To quote Marc, "I've got the touch" if I can get her to sleep (and snore) through a rock concert. I like to think she's a laid back, happy baby, maybe with a little touch of hippie in her. She's already got the tie-dyed t-shirt.

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