Saturday, March 3, 2007

Doctor Appointment

We had our second doctor appointment yesterday. There wasn't much to the appointment, other than we got to hear the heart beat. That was cool. It was about twice as fast as my heart beat. She moved the little machine so you could hear just mine and then she put it right over the baby so you could hear both. It really eased my mind to hear it. It made me feel that things are going okay in there and the lil one is doing okay. I still can't feel the lil one moving and you can't see my belly growing yet, so this was nice. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks. It was supposed to be 4 weeks, but the doctor is on vacation and in 5 weeks Marc will be in San Diego saying good bye to Bobby. So, 3 weeks it is.

Speaking of San Diego, Marc is going to visit Bobby. He is deploying for Iraq on April 10th. I wanted to go with him, but that is a really busy time for me at work and I won't be able to get away. Best wishes to Bobby (please be safe) and Norma (you're always welcome to come and visit while he's gone, like last time). But not to worry, I'm going to take my own trip. I'll be going to SC in a couple of weeks to visit with my parents and my 2 good friends who just had babies. Beth's baby, Laney, is a week old today. And Alli's baby, Sarah Bradley, will be 3months here very shortly. Who would have thought when we were in each others weddings we would have all been having babies within 1 calendar year of each other?

Last night we went to dinner with 2 guys Marc was in the Marine Corps with and their wives. We went to Buca di Beppo. It was pretty good, huge servings, everything family style. It was a good time. It's too bad that both couples live way out in Maryland, about 180 degress on the other side of the beltway from us. So, it's hard to get together with them, and when we do we usually meet them in the District. That's one of the problems with big city life.

Off to start our Saturday.

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Allison said...

I'm so happy you got to hear the heartbeat! It's wonderful. I first felt Sarah Bradley move at 15 weeks, a little flutter... it's the best feeling!
I can't wait to see you, and for you to meet SB and Laney!