Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby's first phot

We had our first ultrasound yesterday. It was for a specific test, the Nuchal Translucency (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) test. This test looks at the fluid around the baby's spine and the nasal bone and then they took just a little bit of blood from me. Somehow, they can look at all that stuff and give us a percentage that our baby will have Downs. The doctor said everything looked good and we'll get the results back in about a week. I wasn't too worried to begin with, but Marc was concerned that something would be wrong with the baby, so we had the test. I just wanted to get that first ultrasound a little earlier.

So, this is one of our first pictures of our lil one. The baby was so active and squirmy yesterday. And Marc was just amazed that I couldn't feel any of the movements. I gather I'll start feeling them in about a month. I think the average is about 16 weeks. And from what I hear, you aren't even sure if what you feel is really the baby or not. At one point, we were looking at the baby and he was on his tummy, then all of a sudden, we could seem him flip and he rolled away from us and all we saw was his back. He kept touching his face (looked like he was sucking his thumb). We could see the heart beating and he took a gulp at one point and we could see the fluid go into his belly. It was amazing! Oh, and just so no one is confused, we don't know what the sex of the baby is yet, but I don't like calling the baby an "it". So, I may refer to the baby as he or she or him or her or just the lil one or the baby. Don't read too much into it guys. We'll be sure to let everyone know what the sex is once we know.

Oh, and just so everyone knows....they could only see one baby in there. We are pretty darn sure we aren't having twins.

I'll leave you with one last photo. =)

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Beth said...

Whoo hoo! I'm so excited for you guys! It seems so much more real after you hear the heartbeat and see him/her on the ultrasound.