Monday, March 19, 2007

Eventful weekend

Whew! I had a busy weekend. Thursday, I left work about lunch time and drove to SC. Friday I spent the day with my mom. We ran errands and I got a few new maternity items. We actually found some gender neutral stuff for the baby, since we don't know what it is yet, so Mom got the baby lots of stuff. Friday night we had dinner with the Skeltons. It was nice to see them since I haven't seen them in awhile. Saturday I drove to Anderson and met up with Beth and Alli. It was so nice to get to see them and their babies. I really wish we lived closer. We have some great friends here, but the majority of them are moving soon or don't have kids so we won't see much of them once the baby comes.

The babies were so good all day. They were both a little fussy before we left the house, and since I don't have one of my own and have no idea yet what all to expect, I thought maybe the little girls would be fussy all day. But they weren't. They were so good, except when it was time for them to eat. But I totally understand that, I get a little unhappy when I'm hungry myself. They slept through both lunch and dinner, so both mommies got to eat hot meals! And again, I got more maternity clothes. =) We couldn't figure out what else to do and it was good for Beth (and Alli, too, I'm sure) to get out of the house for a little while, so we went shopping.

All in all, a good weekend, but I was certainly tired when I got home last night and I'm still feeling it. I think I'll be in bed early tonight! Here's a picture of all the girls after dinner on Saturday.

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Allison said...

We Miss You Auntie Lauren! Come visit again soon!