Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture Update

I guess you could say we have a new tradition in our house. We've been making chocolate chip waffles on Sunday mornings for the past few weeks and now it seems funny not to do it. Sofia loves the waffles! The way to Sofia's heart is through her tummy.

Sofia also decided to help Dad change a light bulb today. She climbed all the way up the ladder herself. (Don't worry, Marc was just outside the picture to grab her should she lose her balance.) We've got quite the monkey on our hands.

I don't remember when this pic was taken. But she's in a Clemson sweatshirt and finally liking hats again, so I thought I'd post it.


Allison said...

She is so cute... We miss you!

ellie said...

Wow... what must that have been like for her? You know, it's still cool to stand on tall things and look at a room in a brand new way. But the FIRST time!? Very Dead Poets... ;)