Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sofia and the Snow

Sofia hated the snow. Any time I put her down in it she cried and reached for me. Ahhh, she is my child. We're beach bunnies!
But she did have fun running in the carport where there wasn't any snow on the ground.
I thought these 2 were great.


Hollie said...

Alle Marie made a really awful face the first time she fell into the snow! Then she spent the rest of the time trying to get her mittens off. Sofia is so cute all bundled up!

Allison said...

She is precious! Sofia has great expressions.

SB only saw snow once when she was about a month old.
She likes warm weather, so I'll doubt she'd like it too much.

ellie said...

Those ARE great... i like the first of those two the best.

Now that i think about it, i don't know that i've ever heard about a kid who liked the snow at first...?? Maybe it will grow on her.