Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

I'm sorry for any confusion, I thought everyone knew already. Marc had his gallbladder removed last week. He had a gallstone, about an inch big. It was causing him much pain and it was too big to pass (and has been bothering him for years now). It was a laproscopic procedure and much less invasive. He's got 2 small incisions, 1 larger one, and 1 in his belly button. And yes, having the gallbladder removed is really the only way to treat this. Once the gallbladder is diseased, you can't live with it forever. Plus, even if they were able to remove the stone, another would come back.

Some pictures of our weekend...

Sofia decided to help me make waffles this Sunday. She brought the chair over (with a little help).

She helped stir the chocolate chips in.

Yes, we are both wearing Christmas PJ's in February. That's just how we roll.

This morning, Michelle and Lolly went to IKEA with Sofia and I. Marc still isn't able to lift much weight at all, so I talked Michelle into going with me in case I couldn't pick up the item on my own. IKEA was selling the MALM dresser for $39.99 (regular $79.99) for one day only! They also happened to have free breakfast! So we came home with one of these snazzy dressers for Sofia's room (to replace the changing table). And of course, you never leave IKEA with just the item you went in for...Michelle ended up buying a dresser as well and a new lamp, I bought a lamp to replace the broken one in the living room, bought more plates that are Sofia proof (i.e. plastic), and light bulbs for all the new lamps. I had a gift card from Christmas from Aunt Barbie and Uncle Tom. Thanks for Sofia's new dresser!

Sofia supervising Daddy putting the dresser together.

The finished product.

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