Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate puddin'

Marc had his surgery on Thursday and all went well. He came home Thursday after it was all done. He's been up and moving around since and he keeps getting better day by day.

Mimi came to stay with Sofia while we were at the hospital (THANK YOU!). Could you imagine chasing a 17 month old around the hospital and keeping her happy for 6 hours? While she was here she got Sofia some new shirts, one modeled below.

Everytime I tried to take a picture of Sofia and I, she made this silly face. As soon as the red-eye reducer light came on, she got all silly.

We decided to test out the weather shield on the BOB. It was great. It kept her warm and toasty and protected from the super wind we had the other day. Now, if only we could get Mommy a weather shield.

Chocolate pudding for dessert last night.


Hollie said...

We're getting ready to give Alle Marie a spoon and see what happens the next time she east yogurt. I'm not looking forward to cleaning it all up - But Sofia looks cute with pudding all over her face. Hope Marc keeps recovering well!

Andee said...

OK, I guess I missed it, but what type of surgery was he having? I'm glad that he is doing well though!

Cute pictures!