Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Saturday we lounged around and watched college football. Hannah was pounding us here (we got 8 inches of rain), so we lounged all day. But not before both Marc and I took turns going for a run in the rain (before it really picked up). I was a little upset that the Clemson game wasn't on TV. Sunday we went into the city and participated in the National Freedom Walk from Arlington Cemetery to the Pentagon (I forgot the camera). Sofia had been snotty all weekend and had the gunky eyes again. She was coughing at night and not really sleeping well, so we went to the sick clinic yesterday. This time she has a double ear infection and the bacteria has traveled to her eyes (it's all interconnected) and that's why they are gunky. And, apparently, the gunky eye is contagious since the bacteria is now outside the body. So, she can't go to daycare. We are sitting at home playing (she sure doesn't act like she has double ear infection or feels crappy). I hope she's not getting used to this and thinks this is how you are supposed to feel. We got to the ENT a week from Thursday. I hope they are ready to do something for her this time!

Rooting her Tigers on!
Looking crappy yesterday...probably feeling that way a little bit, too.

Looking even more crappy this morning.


Allison said...

Poor Sofia! But I love the pig-tails.

If you think she needs tubes - insist! My friend's little boy is now partially deaf because of chronic ear infections & goes to speech therapy to learn how to talk. All because she didn't insist on tubes early enough!

MizFit said...


so cute.

I now need one for my toddler in black and gold (go steelers!)


Andee said...

Poor baby - it's never any fun when it comes out of their eyes! I hope that she feels better soon!