Friday, September 12, 2008


We had an eventful couple of days. Wednesday night, Sofia fell, hit her head, and chipped her tooth. Of course, I didn't realize what part of her head she it until I went to change her diaper, laid her back and saw the tooth. Thursday we found a pediatric dentist and got an appointment (this guy and the practice is great! You just never know randomly picking someone off the insurance website). It's all cosmetic. The nerve isn't exposed, the tooth is still immature, still getting lots of blood. He said when she's getting close to 3 he can bond it for us if we want the family photos to look better. He offered to file it a tad to take off the sharp edge, but he'd have to strap her down and said it would be very traumatic...but his recommendation was to just leave it. I finally got some pictures of the teeth....and some other random ones.

My little thug

Quietly reading to herself


Landon & Elizabeth said...

Our niece fell when she was little and her tooth totally died or something like that. They did nothing for it either since she was going to lose it a few years later anyway.

Allison said...

When my cousin was 2, he hit his mouth on a bike handle and lost his two front teeth - he was 10 before the adult ones came in. He's 22 now and I still think he looks funny with front teeth!

I'm glad there's no real damage!

Jenny said...

she's lucky that the tooth's going to survive...i hit the corner of a table with my front tooth when i was little and it died. i had a root canal and had a nice brown tooth right up front until i forced it loose in kindergarten so i could pull it out. glad she's ok!

wirrek said...

James has a chip like that. It was really obvious for a long time, but I think over time, it wore itself down. I think most toddlers chip a tooth. I mean, it just happens!

Andee said...

Wow, ouch! Poor baby. And poor mommy! But I am glad that she is ok.