Thursday, August 7, 2008


We got home from the beach last night, and we wish we were still there. :( We had so much fun with Chris and Caroline and Beth, Jeff, and Elaina. It really sucks that we all live so far from each other and can't do stuff like this more often.

Warning, lots of pictures ahead.

Friday night we drove to Durham to stay with Chris and Caroline to break up the trip a little. That night Chris, Marc, Sofia, and I went to the Durham Bulls game.

This might have been the highlight of Marc's trip. He's been wanting to go ever since he saw the movie Bull Durham.Ahhh, the BEACH!

Sofia and Elaina getting to know each other. Sofia would soon figure out that Elaina is going to be a good friend. Every time Elaina got a snack, she always shared with Sofia. We discovered Honey Maid Bumble Bees, Goldfish, and chicken nuggets.
Sofia's first time on the beach.

The girls in their matching PJ's.
Random pictures of everyone lounging around.
Elaina, Jeff, Sofia, and Chris
Sofia really likes glasses
Beth and Chris
Caroline decompressing after the Bar.
Even Jack had a good time at the beach.
And, on a side note. We went back to the doctor this morning....Sofia has an ear infection....again. Poor Elaina got sick while we were at the beach and we are hoping that Sofia doesn't get it. But you know kids, they share toys, food, germs. Sofia is also standing on her own for longer and longer periods of time (still no walking) and she has 3 new teeth on top.

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Looks like fun... invite us next time!