Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 10th birthday Alicyn and Hayleigh!

We just got home from Illinois. We visited with Marc's parents and got to spend the girls' 10th birthday with them. In fact, their birthday party was at Angie's restaurant (Marc's mom). We had a fun, jam packed, busy weekend. And it was too short as always.

Friday morning we took Sofia to the park and put her in a swing for the first time. (This picture is from Saturday morning but we can pretend it's the first time.)

Then Marc's cousin (also named Angie) came to visit and she brought her twins, Jonathan and Julieze. They are 5 months older than Sofia. I didn't get any pictures of them. :( Hopefully, she will email us some of the ones she took and I can borrow hers.

Saturday we went to watch Alicyn's season opener soccer game. (She's the shortest one with really dark hair. #3)

Sofia and Hayleigh "watching" the game.

Then the birthday party was later that day.

The girls made out like bandits!

And we came home early this morning. I told you, jam packed and quick. Sofia had a snotty nose and a wicked cough all weekend. Last night she woke up and kept us up for a good hour in the middle of the night. She was running a temp and just couldn't stop coughing. She seems to be feeling tons better today and the snotty nose doesn't seem to be dripping nearly as much. If the cough doesn't get better tonight (it's really only noticeable in the middle of the night, I guess when all that snot drains down her throat) or if she runs a temp again, we'll probably be at the sick clinic tomorrow morning...again! (I hate to see what winter/cold/flu season is going to bring us!)

Here are a few others from the weekend.

Sofia playing in the restaurant.

Sofia made quick friends with the girls mother, Jamie.

All 3 sisters.

Daddy and his girls.

Mommy and her girl (I think this was the morning before we left.)

Here's a link to all the rest of the photos (if you want to see 50 pictures of the girls opening presents).


Caroline said...

Alicyn & Hayleigh have gotten so big. Oh my gosh!! Looks like a good trip.

Andee said...

I love that picture of her in the swing. She looks so happy!

Happy Birthday girls!