Thursday, July 31, 2008


My Nike+ still works! I took it to interval training last night. :) I felt like crap, so that is reflected in the time and the fact that I didn't go very far. (I had run a half mile before that and walked a quarter mile as a warm up, so I really did 1.75 miles, not the 1 mile reflected).

On the feeling like crap front, Sofia seems to be doing much much better. I wish I could say the same for myself. My cold turned into a sinus infection. :( I'm on antibiotics and a decongestant. I will say the pain/pressure/headache has subsided, but I still have super snot. I have traded the sinus pressure for a queasy-ness I get every night when I take my meds (hence the short time at the track last night). And anyone I talk to on the phone says, "Oh my, you sound horrible!" We will be at the beach on Saturday and I am hoping the sea salt air has magical healing powers for my nose.

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