Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Tutu Came!

I finally won a giveaway on a blog. I'd like to thank Dallas at Miss Priss Tutus and Robyn at I Love Giveaways. We got a custom made Clemson inspired tutu! Every lil girl should have one of these! It's a little big, but it will grow with our princess and hopefully she'll be able to wear it for years!

(notice she is standing on her own in the middle of the living room)

Just tonight she was standing at one ottoman and she turned around, noticed something wanted at the other ottoman, and walked the 3 or 4 steps in between to get what she wanted. Also, she is running a temp again. We'll see how she does through the night. The doctor doesn't do sick clinic on Thursdays, but they might be able to squeeze us in.


Beth said...

Too cute!!! A few steps leads to lots of steps very soon!!! I hope she starts feeling better...poor girl!

Robyn said...

She is adorable, and that tutu is awesome!! Thanks for sending me your link!