Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 4th (a little late)

I hope everyone had a great 4th. We sure did. I was waiting to post in hopes that I would get copies of my dad's pictures, because I didn't take but 2! Can you believe it, the girl who keeps a camera in her purse only took 2 pictures.

We took Sofia to Ohio to meet her great-grandparents and visit with my dad's brother (and his family) and my mom's sister (and her family). Sofia was a trooper! We got up and left at 2am Thursday morning and she slept most of the way and was pleasant the whole time (even with a double ear infection). She had her first taste of mashed potatoes, Multigrain Cheerios, potato chips, Flubs (a great ice cream place in Hamilton), chicken nuggets. It was an exciting weekend. Sofia also got in the swimming pool for the first time (the pictures are on Papa's camera). She also got to stay up way past her bedtime every night.

There were some great pictures of Sofia in the pool, 4 generations (Grandma, Dad, Me, Sofia), Sofia loving on her toy. I'll share once I get them.

Today we are heading off to the ENT specialist and we have dinner plans with Michelle and her brother. Sunday is the MuddyBuddy. Wish me luck!

Sofia with Great-Granddad and Great-Grandma
Sofia and Great-Granddad
Marc at my aunt and uncle's
Sofia this morning
(I was trying to get a pic of how cute she is with her hair back in clips. I'm planning on growing her hair all one length, no bangs, and it's finally starting to hang in her face)

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