Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ear Update

I forgot to update about Sofia's ears. They were not infected when we were at the ENT last Friday, however, she did have some fluid in one. The doctor explained that having fluid in one of your ears is like putting your finger in your ear and then trying to hear clearly, which can delay speech development. So, they sent us for a hearing test. Her hearing was down just a tad, as to be expected with the fluid. They expect it to bounce right back once all the fluid is gone. The doctor told us to feed her in an upright position and to try and wean her from the binky. Sofia was not happy to hear this! We are in the process of weaning, she only gets it for naps, bedtime, and long car rides. So far, so good. She really doesn't need it during the day unless she gets bored. Although, when I picked her up yesterday at daycare, her teacher told me she tried to steal everyone else's binky. I thought that was funny. We've taken to calling her the Binky Bandit. Anyone got any helpful tips on weaning a child off the pacifier?

Here are Michelle's daughter and the Binky Bandit from Sunday's Muddy Buddy.
She does have her binky, but it was a long car ride, an early morning (we left the house at 3am), and an overall off-her-schedule kind of day, so we let her have it when she wanted it.

We go back to our pediatrician in August to check for fluid and iron levels (oh yeah, she's slightly anemic and on iron supplements) and we go back to the ENT in September to check for fluid again.


wirrek said...

Well, James is almost 2 and still uses a pacifier, but only in his crib. I don't have any personal experience, but we hope to wean after he adjusts to Andy. He is still kind of young so I can't send it to the binky fairy or give it to a baby, but one thing I did read is you can cut the end off of it and then give it to them saying that it is broken. I think we will probably try this. He has been tossing his pacifier out of his crib deliberately, so he might just lose it that way!

Kristi said...

The binky bandit - I love it! There is this book my mom found, about some elf who you send the binky to for needy kids...anyways, I think Sara used it with Ty and he got into it, put the binky in the envelope and put it in the mail. You should ask Sara about it, I don't remember if there were problems afterwards. I'll try and find what the book was called.