Saturday, August 11, 2007

We got our carseat yesterday. How silly that Marc and I are arguing over who's car it will go in... I finally convinced him that it should go in my car. Sofia and I are going to be home for 3 months together while he goes to work and I don't want to drive his car, so it makes sense that it goes in mine. Right? We have our hospital tour tomorrow afternoon. That should be exciting (I hope). We have our next ob appointment on Tuesday, infant CPR on Wednesday, and the cat is going to get her shots on Thursday. Busy week ahead of us.

I ran across this cartoon at and thought I'd share.


wirrek said...

Hey Lauren! I really did not want to be induced, so this is what I did to get things going: Walk 2X daily, drink 3 cups raspberry leaf tea (available in the organic tea section of the grocery stores...sine it was so hot, I made a 50/50 mixture of raspberry leaf and regular raspberry tea and drank it iced) I went into labor 1 day after my due date based on date of conception and 3 days before my doctors due date. However, not being induced ended up being overrated...I was in labor for over 24 hours!

I have some other tips that involve vaginal suppositories and castor oil. I guess let me know if you are interested.

Beth said...

Castor oil= BAD!! :-)

Allison said...

Tag! You're it. Go see my blog for details, friend.

so true!