Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The call

I got the call yesterday morning. Lilian, Dr. Kilmer's nurse, called and told me that the blood test came back positive!! POSITIVE! Can you beleive it? We are going to have a baby. We are currently 6 weeks pregnant. And I thought I was going to get lucky and not have morning sickness. Of course, this morning, I get a little queasy. Nothing big, let's hope it stays like this. Might just need to stay away from eggs/egg beaters for awhile.

Today I'm craving a salad from Ruby Tuesday's...the one with bacon and candied peacons and chicken tenders. I think I might make Marc take me tonight. Hey, at least this one is a healthy craving. I think I'm gonna go with it.

Okay, here's a picture of the new 'do. It's not a good picture, but it'll do until I get a better one.

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