Friday, January 19, 2007

Day Off

Today is my RDO (Regular Day Off)'s a government thing! There are definitely some perks to working for the government. This is one particular such perk. In order to get an RDO every pay period (yes I said every pay period), I do work 9 hour days regularly. So I work 9 hours M-Th (both weeks), 8 hours the first Friday, and I get the second Friday off. Isn't it great! So, today I've got to run over to the doctor's office really quick and then I'm getting my hair cut. I think I'm going to get it pretty Ann Curry's is now. I'll be sure to post a picture after it's cut. I'm not sure if I've got any good before pics (and Marc is already at work, so I can't get him to take one....). I'll have to scroung around and see if I can't dig something up...Here's a picture of what I'm thinking for my hair....

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