Saturday, January 10, 2009

New 'Do Number 2!

This time its for Sofia. She got her first hair cut today. It's hard to tell the difference in these pictures, but it's got a shape now and it's not scraggly anymore. It looks really cute, now if she'd only leave the clips in.




(You'll notice I already have my hair pinned back...I still like the bangs, but they drive me nuts before the day is over.)
At the grocery store with our new ' the kid carts a whirl. We will not be using one of these carts ever again! They are hard to maneuver, the store was packed, and she ended up wanting to be held anyway.


grokey said...

She is totally starting look like you!!!!

ellie said...

Those are some great hairdos!! Sophia looks very sophisticated... hehe... (get it?)

It's really a bummer the car cart didn't work out for you. i've seen people using them all over the place and have always wished they had had them when i was a kid. i wish i was small enough to get in one NOW!

miss jacobs if you're nasty. said...

she looks like a supermodel in that second picture! very bebe chic.