Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sofia Pictures

Trying on my party dress for Daddy's Christmas party...but ya know Mom, I'd rather wear these overalls. (Like my bed head?)
hmmm, new shoes to wear with my party dress....
Let me give them a spin around the living room.
Mommy wishes my hair would stay like this all the time.
Feeding myself yummy applesauce. That's about the only way I'll eat these days, if you let me do it
This is great!


Anonymous said...

I love your new fridge! We are going to be in the market for one soon. Ours is working, but seems to be falling apart. So far just minor pieces have come off.

I love Sofia's party dress! What a cutie! What a difference a year makes from last Xmas to this Xmas!

Love, Aunt Barbie

Andee said...

I love these pictures. She is so cute!