Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating process

The tree has just made it in the house. Sofia must inspect (since she was asleep through the whole selection process).

Madam fore-woman. Sofia is supervising.

The finished product. Not a great picture, but gives you a little perspective of the size. It's shorter than I am. Sofia was so cute when we were putting on the ornaments. We would give her one to put on the tree and she didn't want to part with it. So we gave her one just to play with, but then she wanted every ornament that Marc or I had and would cry and throw a fit because it went straight on the tree. She did not like the decorating process and couldn't understand why we were putting all these great toys on a tree we had brought inside!

All the stockings on the bookcase (because we don't have a fireplace), l to r, Sofia, Hayleigh, Marcos, Alicyn, Lauren.

And no tree is complete without a tiger.


ellie said...

Yay! Tree pictures... those are my favorite. But i don't understand the stocking pics... are Hayleigh and Alicyn cousins or...?

Lauren P said...

Hayleigh and Alicyn are my step-daughters. They are 10-year old twins. Go back and check out my August posts. We went to visit them for their 10th birthday. There should be some pictures.