Saturday, December 6, 2008

In search of a tree

We set out this afternoon looking for a Christmas tree. We really had something specific in mind, we were looking for something along the lines of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I don't know if it's the recently announced ression that we are in or the fact that we aren't going to be here for Christmas or what, but we wanted a smaller tree this year. And we found the perfect tree! (3 tree lots later, but we still found it.) And it was only $16! For a tree! I was shocked because we went to one place, and they found us a smaller tree, said they could cut the top off it to make it shorter, but were still going to charge us $55!

At the first place. I cannot believe that Sofia is actually wearing her hat and gloves. She has not worn a hat since she had her ear surgery. But, it did not get warmer than about 25 today. As Marc said, she's stubborn, not stupid.

Mommy and Sofia posing by some (really expensive, super huge) trees.

At the second tree lot, the one where they offered to cut up a $55 tree but still sell it to us at full price.

All this tree shopping is hard work! Sofia fell asleep on the way to the third place. And we managed to get her out of the car and bundle her up without waking her. We wandered around, found and bought our tree, and even got her back in the car without waking her. Too bad she woke up when we started the engine.

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