Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New pictures

So I've got some new pictures to post. Andrea posted the first picture of my new hair cut, but I've got one, too. And then some more of the babe.
New Hair

Our big fat tree.

Turn your head sideways and it's Sofia on the kitchen counter.


Caroline said...

I love the cut! And your little girl is just beautiful!!! I loved the video you sent, too. She is just precious. Miss you!

wirrek said...

Is that a moby wrap? I am trying to decide if I want/need one for baby #2. I already have an ergo, a mei tai, and a ring sling.

Allison said...

The hair is cute! Sofia is growing so fast!

Becky, Dave, and Gretchen said...

I'm with wirrek...what sort of carrier/wrap is that you have? Looks pretty comfy, is it?