Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cookie Party

Tonight was the annual cookie swap that Marc and I go to at our friend Hilary's house. We had a great time and got to catch up with friends we don't see as much since we moved to the sticks of Reston. Miss Sofie was the hit of the party and people were fighting to hold her (and I even got someone else to change her diaper). She did great! She didn't fuss until it was time to leave, but it was close to bed time and almost time to eat again. And I must say, I'm proud of myself too. While I'm sure I ate more points than I had left for the day (shouldn't be a problem since I still had a bunch of my 35 weekly points left), I only tasted the cookies that looked really good and I stopped at one of each kind. I brought chili as my "snack to share," so I started with a bowl of that (made with 94% fat free ground beef) and really stayed away from all the other appetizers. And I only had one drink. And, I never once felt stuffed or wished I hadn't eaten as much as I did.

I also got a hair cut today. I'll try and get a picture soon. I'm not sure if it's what I asked for or not. She styled it a bit different than it was in the picture I took with me, so I'll have to see if I can style it like the picture. She said it was a good , versatile style...could be styled a few ways. So I'm hoping she just styled it a different way. And I felt like a scrooge. I tried to put a tip on my credit card because I had no cash, but they wouldn't let me. They said I could go next door to the movie theater and use the atm. But since I'm not sure the cut is what I asked for, I don't feel too bad....I just wish it wasn't the holiday season. And this was a new girl. Apparently, Camilla, the lady I absolutely loved, doesn't work there anymore and isn't working anywhere for awhile....taking some time off because she's sick. At least that is the story I got...I don't know if they were trying to keep me from going elsewhere or not. Camilla would have gotten it perfect and taught me how to do it at home and everything. I could have gone in and given Camilla free reign to do whatever she thought would look good and wouldn't have been nervous at all. I'm going to miss Camilla. Why is it so hard to find a hairstylist?

Wish me skinny thoughts for my weigh in tomorrow! (I haven't gotten on a scale all week, I really don't know how I did, even though I feel good.)


Caroline said...

Way to go on staying away from the cookies! That would be a tough environment, so good job. Good luck at WI today! I've got mine, too. Sending you skinny thoughts!

Beth said...

Way to fight the cookie urge! I hope I can be that good with the sweets! Chili sounds good...mmmmm... Yes, post a picture of your haircut soon....and good luck with the weigh-in today!!

Kristi said...

Good job with the cookies! I don't know if I could have done so well and isn't that not stuffed feeling great? Hope your weigh-in went well!