Thursday, September 20, 2007

One last post before baby...

One last post before the baby is here. We got a call last night, at 9pm mind you, that our inducement had been moved up to 7am this morning and could we be there at midnight last night. Needless to say we weren't prepared to be there in 3 hours. So they said, no problem, just come in at 7am and don't eat anything after midnight. We just got another call at 5:45am telling us they need to push us back until 11am. I guess they had a bunch of people come in over night in labor and didn't have the space for us. Oh, and now I can have a light breakfast. =)

We'll be without computer technology until we get home, so don't expect pictures or updates anytime soon. For those of you who we have cell phone numbers for, we'll at a bare minimum send out a text message and a grainy cell phone image. =)

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