Thursday, September 20, 2007


We are still on hold. Apparently, every woman in Northern Virginia that is pregnant went into labor last night, except me. The Labor and Delivery rooms are all full and all the postpartum rooms are full. MY doctor has to go out of town tomorrow for a funeral, so she won't schedule me for tomorrow. We are currently scheduled for Monday at 1pm and are the 1st in line to get moved up to 7am if there is an opening. The only way we are having a baby before the weekend is if she decides she wants to come on her own. The main inconvenience is that my parents are in town just hanging out and Marc's was off work all day today. I was off work as well, but I really don't feel like being there this pregnant anyway. We are going to walk again all weekend and maybe even eat Mexican every night for dinner!


wirrek said...

What a bummer! I was hoping to hear some good news today. Maybe clean you house...pretend your nesting!

Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm too impatient for a real post :-)