Monday, July 9, 2007

New Closets

Over the weekend, Marc and I tore out the shelving in both the bedroom closets. Come to find out that parts of the closet were never painted and of course we left a few holes that needed to patched. So we spent the rest of the day Saturday patching and painting the closets. On Sunday, Marc and I started to install the new shelving, the pretty, clean ClosetMaid stuff. Well, Marc only got the top two shelves in Sofia's closet before it was time for his baseball game. Well, I wasn't going to wait around all day and maybe still have my closets not finished before the work week started. So, I finished up Sofia's closet and then did our closet.

Sofia's Closet

Our Closet

I'm a little achey today, I'm not sure how much of that is being pregnant, how much is the angles and what not of putting up the shelves, and how much is the combination of the two. Our rocker was shipped today and is expected to arrive on Friday, so that's next weekend's project, to put it together.

So, who's excited about the next Harry Potter movie?? It comes out Wednesday. Marc and I have to figure out when to fit that in this weekend or next. And then, the next book comes out on the 21st. We've preordered our copy, so we'll be waiting with all the other finatics Friday the 20th at Barnes and Noble.

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