Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Doctor Appointment

We had our first doctor appointment this past Thursday. Everything went well. It's really too early to tell, but the doc said I'm healthy and at a young enough age to not worry. We go back on Mar 2 for our next appointment and we are supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat then. Isn't that exciting? There isn't much else going much else going on in the baby front. I'm still tired all the time and I seem to be getting quesey a little more often, but nothing too bad. Oh, and I think the cat knows something is up. She has turned into a lap kitty lately. She'll jump on the sofa to lay on my belly. And if I put her on my belly, she doesn't complain and will stay quite a long time. After talking to a couple of girls who are pregnant as well, their dogs do the same thing. I think animals know....I don't know how, but they do. (It's hard to tell with Jack, he's always so needy and wants to be in your lap.)

Yesterday, Marc and I went to Let's Dish. It was pretty neat. For those of you that aren't familiar, I'll give you a little description. First off, if you want, you can visit their website . You make your reservation online and you can sign up for 4, 8, or 12 meals and you pick your meals ahead of time. We chose 4 meals since this was our first time and we weren't sure if we'd have room in the freezer or how it would taste. They have stations set up with all the ingredients you need and how to put them together. Then they have cooking instruction labels to put on everything. And you take it home and freeze it until you are ready to eat. They suggest you eat them with 2 months of making them. We have plenty of room in the freezer and all the stuff sounds/looks good and we had fun doing, assuming it tastes good, we'll probably do it again. Hopefully, this will keep us from eating out and it won't matter that I have no energy to cook. Keep your fingers crossed!

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