Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Can I just tell you how much I hate the bathroom where I work.

First, we have the automated, handicap door to get in. Even when you don't use the button to engage the handicap feature, the door opens on it's own as soon as you start to open it. Then it hangs open for entirely too long so everyone who walks by the bathroom can hear what's going on inside. Except on the weekends (yea, I know, what am I doing at work on the weekends).....the weekends it never works! What if a handicapped person were in working on the weekends?

Then we have the automated flush mechanism. It NEVER works correctly! It either flushes 3 times while you are in the process of sitting on the toilet, or it doesn't flush at all! And there is no rhyme or reason to this, except it seems to flush way too often in the morning. Suppose it's excited to be used after a night of rest. Come lunch time, it's exhausted and you have to manually flush. Then again later in the afternoon it seems to be working again (and by again, I mean flushing more than once while you are in the process of doing your business). Weekends are hit or miss here too. Does not seem to be tied to the automatic door.

Then we have the fabulous lighting! It's dim flourescent lighting. Need I say more?

At least there isn't usually a line to use the facilities!


Jenny said...

you are a funny, funny lady :o)

Andee said...

I can't imagine why there isn't a line - it sounds so lovely!