Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leg Update!!

Sofie had her check up with the orthopedist today. Last week the doctor couldn't see anything on her xrays, but he said it could have been fractured in the growth plate, which he told us would not show on the xray until it started to heal and show signs of calcification. She's been in the splint for 10 days and she had new xrays. And there were still no signs of fracture! Whoo hoo! At this point, since she can't tell us where or how it hurts, we can only assume it is a bad sprain. She walked on it tentatively and jerky, but she walked. She hasn't walked since, she's scooted and she's crawled on her hands and knees (which leads me to believe it's in her ankle).

We had a house full with Marc's daughters, our two nieces, and Marc's dad (they were here for 4.5 days). Sofie had her leg incident their last day here. Then my parents came up to love on Sofie while my dad was here for a meeting.

This week we've finally had our house back to ourselves and we are trying to settle back into our routines. I still have pictures from the girls' visit but they are on my camera. I'd never get around to blogging if I kept putting it off until I got the pictures. I've been running at 4:45am and 5am, rushing home to get ready, drop Sofie at daycare, learning a new job (finally got to meet my client!) and commute. By the time dinner is done and lunches are made, all I want to do is go to bed and start it all over again.


Rhett said...

i feel the same way... and i don't start at 4:45. wow... do alarm clocks work at that time? yikes.

Krissy said...

I am so glad that Sophia does not have to wear a cast for the rest of the summer and that she is ok. That must have been nerve racking.

The girls are getting so big!!!!!!

ellie said...

i didn't know you had stepdaughters! They're all so beautiful.

Glad Sophia seems to have escaped fracture. Hope she is all better soon.