Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Weekend

Beth was here all weekend. We went to a winery, had a girls dinner out, went consignment sale shopping, watched cheezy 80's movies, and took naps. It was great. We found a great wine at Hidden Brook Winery. It's a slightly sweet, rose wine, but both of us tend to like the sweeter wines. Even their Cabernet Sauvignon was great, and I don't traditionally like red wines. I got some great stuff for Sofia at the consignment sale, to include a $20 pack-n-play for Mimi and Papa's house. Of course, neither Beth nor I thought to take any pictures.

Sofia is still doing great post surgery. She hates the drops we have to put in her ears, but I don't blame her. Her second molar on the top is almost through. You can see the gums bulging and a little white spot where it is going to break through. And she has added another word to her vocabulary, dog. Although it sounds more like "og."


Allison said...

Sounds like a fun weekend...

ellie said...

Hey, Lauren!! Thanks for stopping by my blog... i've been quietly keeping up with you but never commented.

i've been very impressed with all your running! Wow... and a baby and a job... you're pretty amazing, really.

Anyway, i will let you know now when i'm reading! See you around the internet!