Friday, April 25, 2008

New Pictures

The dress Tia Norma got me in Hawaii. I hope she takes me next time she goes.
Sofia and Jack are becoming best friends.
Such a great smile!
We sleep hard!

Trying my first zwieback biscuit.
My new bath time ducky.
I wake up happy! Mommy takes a minute.
My swimsuit for the summer. Come on warm weather!


Beth said...

So happy! Those are some good pictures. Love the pineapple guys are going to have to come swimming down here with us! (or I guess we'll have to plan a trip up to see you!)

Andee said...

I love all these pictures. She really looks like you!

Rhett said...

oh my she's a beauty! and i agree with andee - she does look like you :)

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh she is just so adorable. And I'm with Andee, she does look like you. Can't wait to see you guys!