Monday, March 24, 2008

Sick bunch

We've had an interesting few days. Marc's father and daughters got here Friday afternoon (it's their spring break). Friday night the baby got sick. Saturday I stayed home with her. Sunday she seemed to be getting better but I kept her home from church just in case, no need to infect all the other kids. Last night I wake up with the chills, then the sweats, and I finally get up and take my temp and its at 100F. So, I think the baby passed on whatever she had to me. And it looks like Marc is catching it too, he's about 12 hours behind me. My only hope is that Bob and the girls don't get it. Sofia didn't have it more than 24-48 hours, so I'm hoping that the same holds true for Marc and I.

The girls have been fantastic! I know it's hard to be 9 and cooped up in the house, let alone a house that's not your own and you don't have all your toys. We are hoping that we all feel good enough to go check out the Cherry Blossoms down at the National Mall tomorrow.

Needless to say I don't have any pictures in Easter outfits or all 3 kids together or anything good. I hope to get some later this week.

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