Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 month check up

So, it's official. We have a big baby. And by big baby, I mean BIG, not fat.

Height: 24 in (95th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz (85th percentile)
Head: 40 cm (75th percentile)

According to her length, she is on par to be 5'8", but she'll probably be more like 5'6" because of her head size. The doc said that was more of a determining factor. We have a bit of gunky eye caused by a blocked tear duct, but it should go away before she turns one. And she has a bit of reflux, so she is to be elevated 24/7. So I need to get a sleep wedge for the crib. The doc said this is probably why she spits up so much and keeping her elevate will help that. She is also eating a bit more than he would like, but because she is spitting up so much, he said she's not really eating all that she intakes. And she is a big girl and needs a little more to eat than a baby in the 50th percentile. The doc said not to give her more than 32 oz (in a 24 hour period....right now we are at about 26-28). He said to really try and hold her to 32 oz and we can start giving her rice cereal at 4 months if that isn't satisfying her anymore.

Other than that we have a happy, healthy baby.


wirrek said...

Sorry to hear about the reflux. The only thing that help James is prevacid...very expensive.

Lauren P said...

The good news is that it isn't acid reflux and she isnt' in any pain from it. The doc said if she starts acting colic-y, it's probably become acid reflux and he will give us a prescription for it. Let's hope keeping her elevated will help the problem.

Andee said...

We had both the gunky eye and the need to elevate with Annabeth. Fun times! I am so happy to hear that she is healthy and happy though! That is great news!

Becky, Dave, and Gretchen said...

I had the gunky eye thing at 2 months and had a little surgery that cleared it up. Never had problems again. Apparently the gunky eye thing is pretty common. Glad she's doing well!