Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy 4 week Birthday

If you go by weeks, Sofia's 4 week birthday was yesterday. If you go by date, she'll be a month old tomorrow. Either way, Happy Birthday. =)

Things are going well. We went to a football watching party at one of our neighbors over the weekend. We had a good time and got to me some new people as well as get some ideas for things to do with the house (since their place is almost the same floor plan). They had hardwoods which looked really nice. We went out to dinner Friday night and made it to the grocery yesterday. Today we've got to go back to Mommy's doctor, tomorrow we are going to the dentist, and we might stop by work later this week or early next week.

Now, if we could just get Miss Sofie to sleep in her crib we'd be doing great! She'll sleep in your arms, she'll sleep in her car seat, she'll sleep in her papasan chair, she'll sleep on a blanket beside you, she just won't sleep in her crib. You can put her in there if she is asleep, but once she wakes up, she wants out.

Jack thinks we put the blanket down for him.


Beth said...

Aww, how sweet!!

Cheryl said...

Love that picture with the dog...he's just there to watch over her. So sweet!

Allison said...

Jack is protecting his baby!