Saturday, June 9, 2007

Insert title...(sorry, can't think of anything)

The girls are coming tonight. Marc left yesterday, so it's just been me and the animals since yesterday at 5am. We finally got the girls room finished and put back together. Well, mostly put back together. I still need to put the airvent back up but I can't find the screws, so I might leave that one for Marc. Everything is pretty much ready for the girls. I just need to vacumm and run a load of laundry. It's too bad I can't get Jack to vacumm and Coda to do the laundry. =)

Jack and I went for a walk this morning, not quite 2 miles. It was nice out. Definitely need to get up before 8am if you want to enjoy the breeze and the cooler air. (That's kinda hard during the work week.....I already start work at 6am, I'm not getting up any early.) I also walked 2 other times this week. Marc is going to run the Marine Corps Marathon again this year (it'll be his 5th time). And our friend Michelle has decided she is going to run it as well (her first). (I must admit, it didn't bother me much during the winter, but now that everyone is getting ready for races and the weather is getting nice, I'm missing running. Definitely going to sign up for a 10 miler or half marathon for next spring...give me a deadline to get back into shape.) Anyway, we've been meeting Michelle at the middle school track 2 days a week. Marc and Michelle run at their own paces and I walk at mine. So, all this to say that I walked at the track Monday and Wednesday as well.

Off to teach the cat and the dog how to help with household chores.

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